What or Who is reanvent?

reanvent is a blog about technology, business, research, creativity & innovation that is operated by Lumir Boureanu. Lumir is in the real-life CEO of a consulting and software company.

Outside of the office and the daily business Lumir is a blogger and strategist focusing on a possible scope for new products and business ideas around the topics such cloud based services for "Local" and "small and medium-sized businesses".

Lumir is a technologist and has more than twenty years of professional experience in the IT industry. His passions are IT technology driven values for both private clients and individual businesses, and making the world better through the impact of enhanced connectivity, automation of manual tasks, improved decision making, and product or service innovation.

The feedback I am receiving working as a CEO, CTO and consultant from our clients could be summarized like this:

“Lumir has got the rare and extremely important gift to communicate complicated topics and complex ideas in a comprehensible manner.”

Speaking to audiences in a words that they understand, so that together we can build a long-term business and sustainable relationship.

Have a splendid day!