Commentary on the SolarWinds hacking attack

Hacker attacks were, are and will remain an issue. The press, public and politicians are upset about the uncovered cases, which is only the tip of the iceberg. We have to assume that.

Not only Russia, China or North Korea are carrying out such attacks, but also the "western" world.

Quote from FAZ

"The hackers had around nine months time to look around the systems undisturbed and read and skim off supposedly secret data."

It takes a maximum of one week to "inconspicuously" steal all data, so enough time for nine months. The vulnerability of various authorities is hardly surprising, but that a company like Microsoft and other well-known IT companies are among the victims that have lasted for months says it all!

The first sentence on the Solarwinds website:
Orion Platform: This powerful platform makes it easy to monitor, analyze, and manage the complete IT stack in one place.

There is no such thing as absolute security, and when an organized hacker organization (network) gets a certain assignment, it is only a matter of time ... These cases are and will remain a problem. We can make it harder for the attackers, but we cannot prevent it completely.


As long as we rely on "centralised" architectures, we will continue to witness such massive attacks in the future. 
We have to strive for decentralization and avoid monolithic centralized system architectures. In my opinion, this is the only way we can "fragment" the attacks, which gives us more time to investigate, uncover and stop.

Yes, not an easy task because we as human beings would have to rethink. Centralisation gives us a feeling of security. That is why we are organized in families, communities and countries.

In the digital world, physical laws / hurdles do not apply though, which is why we have to treat the associated risks differently.

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