Book: Exponential Organizations

I met Salim Ismail during the Gartner Summit 2016 in Barcelona. His mastermind keynote was excellent, so I was happy to get a signed exemplar of the book "Exponential Organization".
Although I enjoyed the reading, my feelings about the book are sort of mixed.

I learned a lot about the types of organizations and the exponential characteristics. The key questions that should be asked periodically when you build out a startup. And the examples of exponential companies helps a lot as well.

The book is far away from a blueprint or a go-to guide. If you're seeking for such book then this one is wrong.

The definition and attributes of an exponential companies are described in the book. Like MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose), or external mechanisms SCALE and internal mechanisms IDEAS.
Good to know that three or four of these attributes are usually sufficient for success. But more important is determining which attributes. And that's the problem I have with this book.

With 11 possible attributes I can take every successful company with fast growth and describe it as an exponential company. Reverse engineering works definitely.
But how should I choose the right key attributes for a company I would like to rebuild into an exponential company? 
This crucial question remains unanswered.

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