Out-thinking Organizational Communications: The Impact of Digital Transformation

I'm so proud to announce the release of a new book

"Out-thinking Organizational Communications: The Impact of Digital Transformation". 

I have been kindly invited to participate in a book project as one of editors.

This book demonstrates the challenges for Corporate Communications in the era of the Industrial Internet and the Internet of things, and how companies can adapt their communication strategies to meet them. The Industrial Internet and the Internet of Things herald a transformation in our economy, industry and society. As such, it is high time that companies adjust both their communication strategies and the structure of their communications to reflect these changes.

My chapter published in the book has a title:

From Customer Service to Customer Experience: The Drivers, Risks and Opportunities of Digital Transformation

This chapter deals with the question of how value chains and communication processes are changing at companies under the influence of increasing digitalisation.
Using customer experience as an example, the article shows how interaction between company and consumer is intensified by digitalisation
The communication becomes the decisive factor. The processing of data and information requires not only a
high degree of communicational competence; communication also defines the central interface between consumers equipped with ever smarter devices and companies with their products and services.

You can Pre-Order the book here.

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