How to get the best from IoT for your customer

In the meantime, there are many successful use cases according to Internet of Things (IoT). Most of the scenarios are implemented by huge companies with very expensive products. The main drivers are the product monitoring, maintenance, increased efficiency and other technology orientated approaches.

Not only big companies can deal with the IoT and generate a value for its customers. What if you knew about an precise usage of your products by the customer in field? Not only in case of troubleshooting, but also to help the customer to use your product more properly!

You have to do much more than to install IoT technologies in your products, not the technology will challenge you, but the ultimate truth you get...

The immersion into an IoT world of many faces.

The journey should start at the customer.

  • There has to be a value in return for your customers, to agree to have their products monitored. 
  • If you have the data then they have to be closely integrated in your backend-systems to process them quickly to get a value from the data. 
  • And what about your organisation? Are your teams ready to accept the new transparency? Also the bad news coming from the data? Questions like: How is it possible, we are having trouble in the field with our customers?
  • Yes, it will change your business maybe the entire business model. But the good news is that your customers will benefit from these changes.

And you should place great value on the customer loyalty.

 if you would like to know more, I can recommend this article.

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