Smart Services - Reliability Is Not Enough

For the processes deployed in production the usual non-functional requirement is reliability.  as a non-functional requirement. The expectation is that the process or application runs without failure and outages. In other words the application has to be stable, with high SLAs. 

But is it enough for smart service platforms or for Industry 4.0 application? Of course not, if we are talking about networked value chains. The basis is built by decentralized business services (microservices). We talk about resilient applications.

So what is a resilience, and why it is so crucial characteristic for decentralized processes? 
Depending on context there are many definitions of resilience.
On the whole, resilience is an ability to return to original state after being bent - sort of elasticity. The decentralized process has to recover quickly from difficulties.

These two examples show "not resilient" implementation versus a "resilient" application based on our edbic product. The decentralized process is based on external services. Although the responses of external services cannot be guarantied, the resilient implementation can manage this.

 This example shows a not resilient usage of external service

This example shows a resilient usage of external service

eurodata tec offers edbic as a backbone for containers and cluster infrastructures. The B2B decentralized applications must to be more than reliable, they have to be resilient!

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