There is no Fourth Industrial Revolution

The central theme during the 2016 World Economic Forum in Davos was the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In Germany we call it Industrie 4.0

Jeremy Rifkin commented his aversion to this statement in the following article in The 2016 World Economic Forum Misfires With Its Fourth Industrial Revolution Theme

And said his clear opinion during his keynote at the DLD16 conference in this video.

THERE IS NO Fourth Industrial Revolution, but The Third Industrial Revolution.
And his message is clear. If we should talk about "revolution" then the "platform" must change. With the platform is meant the basis for efficiency and productivity.
There are three main fundamentals of the Third Industrial Revolution experienced to changes to our societies and economies.
The digitization of communication, energy, and transportation creating a super-Internet of Things infrastructure.

So what is with the Industrie 4.0? Are we barking up the wrong three in Europe?
Actually not! 
Mr. Rifkin considers the European Union and China leaders in this quest for change!

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