PUSHED vs. DRIVEN digitization

The digitization of processes in nearly all industries is a hot topic in Germany.
84 percent of industrial companies in Germany feel a pressure on the digitization within their industry.

During the last year we introduced a new methodology of systematically developing from a new technologies and new ideas a mature business model that has been thought through in all necessary respects of Smart Services.

The process for creating a completely new service and a business model consists of 5 stages:

1. Existing Business Model
- reconsidering your existing business model with extending or changing
2. The Perspective
- determine the kind of opportunity (alone or alliance)
3. Integration
- networked environment of devices, data, applications, processes and services
4. The Connectivity
- the physical and digital world become one
5. The Delivery
- done! Making the ubiquity shift is challenging

Practical experience shows that using the same methodology does not guarantee the same results and understanding.

In the following infographics shows two types of digitization PUSHED or DRIVEN.

Approach PUSHED means the acting under the constraint of the current situation.
Approach DRIVEN means the own individual path to Smart Services.

Federal Minister of Economics and Energy, Sigmar Gabriel:
"In order to create the conditions for Germany's leadership position in a new technological era, even our SME must be made fit for digitization. Because our economy should produce the products of tomorrow so successful, as it does today. "

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