Amazon is trying to hurt Apple and Google’s business

What a message today morning:
Amazon’s ban of sales of the Apple and Google devices from third-party merchants was earlier reported by Bloomberg.

In my opinion if Amazon is trying to hurt Apple and Google’s business, this isn’t going to do it.

BUT it is the first class example how one company tries to use its "market power" to get advantage for the own products and services.

In my keynotes I communicate this risks to my audience in context of Industry 4.0 and Smart Services. Especially for German enterprises it is crucial not to lose "the control points" in the particular industrial sector.

Especially the business models of medium-sized companies are based on high-tech products. That's a good reason to be innovative and open to new "smart services" and "digital business models".
Otherwise the high-tech products will become a "commodity", in the context of the new digital business models, and then it would be too late to change the corporate strategy. 

Amazon gave me the best example today and I will mention this in my future keynotes surely!

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