Summary: Success in the Future of Smart Services

During the seminar at the University St.Gallen I had in-depth discussions with the participants from research and industry. It was the great platform to connect with some of the leaders in the field of smart services and grow my personal network.

The seminar focused on understanding the offering of smart services by manufacturing companies.

The agenda has been built to derive individual implications from the benchmarking results. And indeed it is worthwhile to take a closer look to some results of this study.

There were more than 140 companies from many regions with focus on Europe. The timeline of the benchmarking was April - October 2015.

For me the most interesting results of the benchmarking study "Success in the Future of Smart Services"

       Yellow = successful practices
       Grey = average of active companies
       Blue = implementing companies

Value Proposition

Successful Practice companies tend to see smart services as crucial for the customers; implementing companies consider them rather as add-ons

Value Proposition

Successful Practice companies clearly set the marketing of their products on a premium focus

Value Creation

Core competencies have to stay in-house. The amount of outsourced value creation differs depending on the companies' internal abilities.

Value Capture

While implementing companies focus on capturing monetary values, Successful Practice Companies have recognised that both earning money and capturing data is important for business success.

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