Discussion concerning the Industrie 4.0 Standards

How important the standardisation in Industrie 4.0 is, and how sensitive this topic is, shows the current discussion in the online magazines.

An article on the website of the Manager magazine is causing quite a stir in Germany and in the US. The headline : Germany sets the standards for industry 4.0 lets cheer domestic observers.

But it is not so easy...

The author of the article asserts that IIC (Industrial Internet Consortium) had reached an agreement with German industry 4.0 platform and both reference architectures are almost identical. 
"In the summer it also convinced the Americans."
The true story is that the Relevant discussions - about the different ways of thinking - are in progress. The cooperation is a clear goal.

Even within Industrie 4.0 itself there will be not only ONE reference architecture. Rather a framework of suitable architectures.
Due to the different thematic focus, we should not expect that there will be a common standard for all sectors and industries.

Whether the architectural approaches of IIC fit into this framework, has to be evaluated.

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