BPM Symposium 2015 in Winterthur

At School of Management and Law (zhaw) Winterthur in Switzerland during the BPM Symposium 2015 the results of a study were presented. The focus of the study was iBPM - process intelligence.

«Process intelligence deals with intelligently using the data generated from the execution of the process»
Fundamentals of Business Process Management (Dumas, La Rosa, Mendling, & Reijers, 2013)

The intelligence has been differentiated in creative, analytic and practical.

The results of the study shows the usage of the BPM in companies:

  1. increasing efficiency 61%
  2. customer orientation 49%
  3. process transparency 38%
  4. minimize business risks 29%

Surprising for me was the fact that 28% of the asked companies are using no methodology to monitor the business process.

But it was not only surprise for me in this study...
Only 6% of companies are using Dataintegration and Datatransformation Tools to automate the business processes.

If we consider the digitalisation as the main prerequisite for Industry 4.0 then there is still a lot work to do...

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