Digitalization a chance for new Economy

The "Industry 4.0" is mostly considered as technically-strategic task - both for the government as well as for many companies.

Instead, the component of the national digital economy creates the potential for a paradigm shift.
The digitalization of different areas of life allows the interfaces in the personal living environment between the Internet of Things and the Internet of Services.

Germany is playing a leading role in digitalization of the economy and society in Europe. The genuine interlocking of things and services opens up new business areas. Der sectoral level of digitalization is still very different. The assurance of the projection in the development to "Industry 4.0" is therefore rightly become a key economic policy objective.

For Industry 4.0 is digitalization only when considered in combination with automation and networking. Industry 4.0 topics are focused on the horizontal and vertical networking of people, machines, objects and ICT systems for dynamic management of complex systems.

The various worlds "physically-virtually" can interact through the establishment of uniform standards. The USA is faster in the creation of standards, because it relies on the case, solutions and company standards rather than tailored to open standards organizations, and establishes clear rules on liability in network value-added processes.

Everything is nothing if the broadband is not developed in Germany rapidly.

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