Two-speed IT integration

New digital business models and customer expectations are challenging the IT architectures and legacy of companies. The high frequented iterations of product and service innovation build new requirements for rapid development, testing and adapting.
The eurodata edbic container makes it for companies possible to operate so called "two-speed IT".
The customer-facing processes are agile, modular and flexible enough to develop new microservices within days, or adapt them in seconds.On the other hand, there is a core IT of the company designed for the stability and resiliency. The focus here  is put to keep core business services reliable.
 The connection of these two different requirements, not to say two different worlds, that's why we developed edbic as a linking and coupling component in the IT architecture of companies.
edbic has been used in this two-speed approach
  • to improve online services and
  • to optimize new products rapidly.
For the long term, the companies simultaneously evolved their service architecture to accelerate the release of new customer-facing features.

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