Relevance is the currency of the digital age.

Sometimes it is difficult to find a common interpretation of the digitalization. What does the "digital" really means?

There are different perspectives and all are somehow right:
- Digitalization is about technology
- Digitalization is a new way of engaging with customers
- Digitalization is a new way of doing business

In principal the digitalization is not "a thing" it is more "a way of doing things".

I found a nice article about:
What 'digital' really means By David Edelman, Karel Dörner,

The authors broken it down into three attributes.
1. developing entirely new businesses and going after new value pools in existing sectors.
2. using new capabilities to improve the serving of customers
3. building agile and fast technological and organizational processes

These three points make the digitalization more concrete in various contexts.
Important statement of digitalization:
Relevance is the currency of the digital age.

How does digitalization change the system and data architecture?
In the context of IT the new approaches decouple legacy systems supporting critical functions from fast-moving systems.
Fast-moving systems handle customer-facing interactions and the key feature is the connecting devices, objects, and people. That is the main requirement for fast automation of systems and optimization of processes, all done by cross-functional IT teams.

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