Sense of scale

Imagine, in the power of of the CPU delivered inside my iPhone for the price around 600 Euro today, would cost $54 Millions back in 1994 and it would be called "Super-Computer".
Can you imagine such fall over the last 20 years? And that's what I mean with SCALE. The exponential innovation is arriving in the physical world.
The high-tech products are arriving step by step in different branches and have got a disruptive power. Production companies are printing spare parts near to the customer instead of huge warehouses around the world.
What is the challenge for the big businesses as we know them today? They are optimized for cash and not for change. The growth of 20% is the goal, but it is not enough!
The digitalization is hitting the physical services and have to harmonize together. And that is nothing self-evident, as one example shows. A company has decided to move the production from one country to another. The physical relocation took about 3 months. To change the digital process 18 months!
In order to prevent a commodization of whole industries the new business models and Smart Services are the next steps. It is one of the principal tasks of the management broad to forming the company for the future. And that is not easy to see the possibility of exponential innovation in own industry...

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