Digitalization in the agricultural sector

Digitalization is the second step towards Smart Services. The first step is the reconsidering of the exiting business model. The new technologies are changing the agriculture sustainable.

There is an increasing number of examples of this modern services from the praxis. The invests in improved and more efficient usage of seeds and fertilisers on the fields supported by drones. Usage of driverless tractors which glide over the fields controlled only by satellites, or optimizing of the time of harvesting supported by weather data and forecasts.

All these examples are reality! Changing client needs, evolution of new business models and other challenges and risks have to be handled by every fifth agricultural company in the meantime.

There are already many cases where farmers cooperate with each other in order to buy for example a high-tech tractor and so to exploit the opportunities of networking.

BITKOM: Jeder fünfte Landwirtschaftsbetrieb nutzt bereits digitale Anwendungen

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