Smart Service: Attempts to sell this concept to product company executives

Why is it so difficult to sell this concept to the company executives? That's the challenge most sellers of technology innovation face.

"What seems to be missing is a good script that communicates the opportunity to senior management in a compelling way."
---By Glen AllmendingerRalph Lombregli 

What we need is a real help to manufacturing companies looking to figure out how the smart services might enhance their service businesses.

If you want to learn more about four business models for product companies who want to leverage networking technology to grow service business profits then you are cordially invited to participate in our webinar organized together with IDG Communication Media AG

Get off to a good start with Industry 4.0 - How to exploit the potentials of Smart Services properly
Durchstarten mit Industrie 4.0 - Die Potenziale von Smart Services richtig nutzen“

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