Monday, April 29, 2013

Smart Data – Know thyselves!

The term “Big Data” we can find everywhere - in technical literature, different discussions and marketing prospects. But what does it really means for private user, public sector and companies?

Big Data remembers on the new technology for which the problems have to be found.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Great Gold Crash

In the face of the current single day fall in the gold prices I have to ask a question after the sense of all this...
For no apparent reason the gold prices have plunged more than $100 an ounce in a day?!

Actually I compared the basic principles of the financial, derivatives, futures markets and stocks with the rules of casino games. But after the current events and developments in gold prices I am not sure, if there are any "rules".
During my MBA study I have learned a lot about the principle of arbitrage and the dynamic of the market that should guaranty the fair prices on the markets.

So the questions are:
"What is the "real" and "fair" gold price?"
"And why the gold prices crashed now?"